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Katherine Princic, PT, DPT, RYT

Hello! ​

I am a mother to two, a Physical Therapist, and have been actively pursuing my own health and wellness my whole life.

I am originally from Ohio, but have been a Phoenix transplant for the past 20 years enjoying the sun and the hiking!

With 10 years of experience as a physical therapist, I have worked with many individuals to return to the activities they love. Having worked in multiple practice settings, I appreciate the tremendous benefits of addressing physical and health challenges early on, before they lead to further disease and dysfunction down the road with aging. Now is the best time to start listening to your body, understanding it, and taking care of it, so that it can serve you for many more years!

Through a combined 20 years of practicing, studying and teaching yoga, I have learned the importance of the body-mind-spirit connection and how a ‘whole body’ approach can have deeper and lasting effects on our healing and recovery. The translation of yoga is ‘to link’, ‘connect’, or ‘join with’. I approach it as a practice of linking physical body with breath, in order to calm the nervous system, and connect to our true nature. Yoga does not have to be complicated, and can look like incorporating breathing, mindfulness, meditation, and/or physical practices, as they all reinforce each other for optimal wellness.

As a woman and mother, I have dealt with my own pelvic health challenges throughout my life span, including menstrual/hormonal imbalances, miscarriage, traumatic labor and postpartum recovery.

I can relate to the importance, and challenges, of addressing our pelvic health – an often-overlooked area of our body that is key to our overall wellbeing.  


Embody Physical Therapy was created out of my passion for helping women re-connect to their bodies, to feel strong, capable and comfortable in the world. 

Through my own experience, I have learned that healing is a journey, and the importance of meeting your body where it is, having patience, and persistence,to reach your ultimate goal – whether it’s less pain, returning to your favorite activity, or simply being able to enjoy your life and your family without worrying about your pelvic floor.

I look forward to being a part of your journey, and helping you to reach your goals!



  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Northern Arizona University

  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Inner Vision Yoga Studio

  • Hermann and Wallace: Pelvic Floor Level 1, 2B

  • Institute for Birth Healing: Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body, Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body

  • Barral Institute: Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation 

Low back pain.jpeg

My Philosophy

  • Your body has an incredible capacity for healing

  • An individualized, whole-body approach will help you reach your goals faster

  • My job is to provide the education, awareness, tools and techniques, to help your body return to its natural state of healing and health

  • YOU are an active and integral part of your own healing and health

When we are tuned into our body, we are better able to meet our body where it is, and give it what it needs; for optimal healing and health now, and to help prevent future issues. 

NOW is the best time to take charge of your well being!

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